Sending and receiving volunteers with the EVS programs  (what is EVS?)

Free and Real enables young people (19 to 30 years old) from Greece, to participate in EVS (2 to 12 months) long-term volunteer programs in all European countries and also to young people from Europe and the partner countries to come to Greece and Free and Real.

The options for employment of volunteers from Greece are many: manual work, artistic or cultural, programs, intercultural activities for social inclusion and eradication of racism and social exclusion, assistance for the disabled or the elderly, participation in the operation and management of youth centers in deprived areas and districts, recreational activities and counseling services for the unemployed or people with social difficulties, creative from Child-employment, participation in fighting environmental pollution projects, landscape beautification, creation of public gardens etc.


All the Volunteers that Free and Real will welcome from Europe will have the opportunity to live with us for 12 months for long term programs or less (2 months) for short term, in which they will come in direct contact with our way of life. They will have the opportunity to take part in many different tasks, activities, discussions, studies and collaborations on human and environmental sustainability on small and large scale.

They will take part in the seminars and will help organize and conduct them, taking place in the premises of the “Telethrion Project” venture, which include a variety of themes and lasting 3, 10 or more days.

The seminars include:

  • Ecodesign tools: applications of renewable energy sources, permaculture, natural cultivation, ecological building, composting, etc.
  • Diet, culinary, and home-based self-sufficiency: Theoretically through speeches and practices through production of fermentation products, pharmaceuticals and hygiene, etc.
  • Spiritual and physical health: practicing nonviolent communication, Tai Chi, yoga, Thai massage, sound therapy, etc.

They will work with the Spiral Knights Eco-Festival’s broader team: organizing, setting up the infrastructure and conducting the festival, during which teachers, friends and visitors to the Telaithrion Project venture come to repeat the seminars we do all the rest of the year, at the same time and place, experiencing the experience of combining the above knowledge and practices as a single way of life and planning at staff, team and community level.

It is ideal for young people who need the opportunity to bring their lifestyle closer to their way of thinking and vice versa, bringing their way of thinking closer to the vital lessons of nature and those who are trying to learn observing and studying it. They will then develop skills and knowledge that they can then apply to any venture they will take in the future

Benefits at the social level: Collaboration with other NGOs, non-formal groups, local initiatives, local services, schools, universities and municipalities. Sharing and sharing of information and expertise. Contribute to development initiatives and local low-level productions.

Volunteers will create a knowledge toolkit for their own use to be applicable to everyday life. They will be able to contribute and build important relationships and collaborations, co-create and develop similar works and ideas. The exchange and development of ideas through social media will continue with the creation of their own platforms (blogs, facebook pages, web sites, etc.)

For 2018 and the host period March 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019, Free and Real works with the following four organizations and can receive 4 volunteers from 4 of these countries (deadline for applications Feb 15th):


Free and Real filed a new application, which, if accepted, will allow 10 young people from 10 different countries for the period of 18 July 2018 to 13 September 2018 (58 days) to help set up and organize the Spiral Knights Eco-Fest 2018 at the grounds of The Telaithrion Project. The countries with which we are partnering for this program are: Romania, Spain, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden and finally the Czech Republic. If you are interested in participating please follow the instructions below by sending us the questionnaire and the motivational letter by the 30th April 2018.


  • linguistic and cultural training
  • the bulk of the travel costs, depending on the mileage, transition to the country of the program and return from it
  • accommodation, meals and a monthly allowance of 60-130 €
  • health insurance for the period of voluntary service
  • a certificate certifying participation in the program
  • After-return support to capitalize on your experience.

In the program, it is very difficult to involve two people from the same country together, because host organizations prefer to always keep a variety and balance among the participants. This is why it is very difficult to make a possible request from two friends for the same program.

It is also important to emphasize that the participation process can take up to 6-8 months. The program has specific application dates, and before the date it takes at least 2-3 months to prepare an available program of the volunteer’s choice, prepare the required documents, etc

Participation procedure in the EVS program:

  1. Visit the new database (EVS accredited organizations) to learn about the programs you can choose (note the list includes all approved programs, not just the ones available)
  2. To join Free and Real for the next EVS deadline as a volunteer (coming from outside of Greece), complete the following questionnaire and send it to info@freeandreal.org (FREEANDREAL QUESTIONNAIRE)
  3. Communicate in time with Free and Real at info@freeandreal.org
  4. Send a resume and a motivation letter in English at evs@freeandreal.org
  5. State, if its possible, some hours you are available to get acquainted with or offer volunteer work to our organization before sending you to a program.


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