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We have made it our life’s journey to research, create and implement an efficient social structure in a prototype, sustainable eco-community in Greece, which can be imitated and applied in any part of Greece, and why not the world, to work as a research school on self-sufiiciensy and sustinability. This social structure will be founded on inalienable human rights and an economy defined by strategic use of technology, available resources, practical knowledge and hard facts. Selfless service (not exchange) and an eagerness for development and new sustainable solutions will be the driving force of our project. During this time we encourage and actively support like-minded people and groups in their effort to research and/or realize their own productive and sustainable ideas, structures and communities. This way, our community will serve as a school for anyone who wishes to learn about self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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The «Telaithrion Project» aspires to prove that the idea of a sustainable society of true motives and selfless service is possible and realizable even on a worldwide scale. We wish to share all the practical knowledge, information, technologies and solutions we will encounter, study and implement on our journey. We will do our best to encourage, strengthen, educate and inspire the people we meet, in their path towards a balanced coexistence of the different tribes and species of our planet.

We want to learn from our mistakes, help human communication evolve and re-establish ourselves by re-establishing our needs and surroundings. Humanity has gathered amazing knowledge on health, technology, energy, education, farming, society, entertainment and spirituality and we are going to put this knowledge into use in our projects, while embracing diversity and uniqueness and welcoming constructive feedback as the means to conscious thinking and creative communication. Our goal is to achieve a way of life with the lowest possible ecological footprint and the largest possible amount of freedom in education (information) and creative living. . We want a planet of peace and freedom, a planet of strategic, consciousness and balanced management of resources, where technological breakthrough will serve as the extension of humanity’s capabilities. This way our dream of a healthy society of open-minded, free-spirited, honest human beings, far from isolation, artificial obstacles, planned obsolescence technology and aimless labor, can come true.

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Our main goals are:

  • To cultivate a complete and integral culture – for everyone – that will bring about consciousness in:
    • The capability of humans to co-exist with nature – by regenerating the environment and cultivating a consciousness of oneness between the environment and humanity.
    • The possibility of a worldwide resource based economy of supportive development – by redesigning cities, means of transportation, agriculture and heavy industry, so as to make them clean, efficient and able to serve human needs seamlessly; also by developing, implementing and disseminating clean and renewable energy resource systems and systems of organic and inorganic waste, water and energy management, based on the principles of permaculture, with the aim of quality living and sustainability.
    • A civilization of knowledge and wisdom attainable by humans – so as to evolve from a state of limited information, to a state of free knowledge and practical and empirical development of our way of living. This can be achieved by promoting and using “communication” as a tool for learning, co-existing and problem solving; also by developing and implementing educational schemes that promote imagination, creativity, inspiration and development.
    • The benefits of a participatory society of true motives – by building conditions that promote creativity, communication, solidarity, volunteering, exercise of mind and body, while at the same time encouraging diversity instead of routine and passive choice; by inspiring and educating people towards creative thinking and beneficial, truly holistic work; by abolishing the idea of “authority” and restoring volunteering, selfless contribution and togetherness.
    • The achievement of optimal physical, mental and emotional health – so as to evolve from a life of battling symptoms to a life of health for the body, the mind and the soul.
  • To bring new technologies within reach for everyone. To study, construct and distribute products of high quality and durability, friendly to the environment, in order to reduce aimless pollution and consumerism. To study and implement technologies that are simple to build and copy, but also affordable and easy to maintain, repair and use.
  • To adjust and apply the “Scientific Method” and use it in the decision making procedure, in order to reach conclusions through specific research and work, instead of arbitrary experience or influenced opinions.
  • To provide free social services, goods or tools, with only motivation each person’s passion.
  • To reclaim the right to quality and happy human relationships, through open sourcing of information, skills, practical knowledge, services, space and material goods.
  • To achieve educational, ecological and social cultivation of everyone – especially the young people – and to encourage and promote people to engage with the creation of healthy and sustainable living conditions – such as using natural resources (wind/solar power), natural agriculture, building low energy consumption housings etc – and to develop, disseminate and promote these on a worldwide scale. Finally, to promote and develop networking, communication, and solidarity between all those who are interested in these issues and to create the space and conditions that will allow for such studies and projects.

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